Legimi Watermark
is software, which was developed to protect copyrights of ebooks and audiobooks.

Watermark DRM


Publications are not encrypted, but marked with an individual watermark that allows publisher to identify purchaser in case of illegal sharing in Internet. The biggest advantage is the possibility to open a file in any application and on any device. Users appreciate freedom of choice and use of their favorite application.

In practice, it reduces piracy and costs of customer service.


eBooks and audiobooks are encrypted and customers may use files only in a way specified by publishers. This allows publishers to control their content very precisely, but requires from customers to install additional software on their computers. In practice, it increases costs of customer service. This protection method is usually used in publications for professionals with relatively high unit price.

How does watermark work?

Watermark for ebooks

  • Invisible watermark – information about purchaser are encrypted in file content in a hidden way with advanced software. User is not able to delete them by trying to manipulate with eBook or audiobook content.
  • Visible information – at the beginning of a book there is short information about copyright protection.

Watermark for audiobooks

  • Audio watermark – encoded watermark remains inaudible to the human ear. It is resistant to manipulation of the audiobook content, such as pitch and tempo changes.


Legimi Watermark uses advanced algorithms to insert watermark on EPUB and MOBI (for eBooks) or MP3 and WAV files (for audiobooks). Watermark is resistant to conversion between formats. Thanks to this feature users may adjust their book to their favorite file format.

Watermark is inserted in many different places in a file and can be read even after its partial destruction. In case of PDF files a visible text is placed on each page.


Implementation of the Legimi Watermark is easy and takes one or two days for an IT specialist. The details on the implementation can be found in the technical specification for eBooks and audiobooks.

Licensing models

One-time or periodic license fee (semi-annual, annual).

Demo version

Prices are set individually. Please contact our advisors in order to request an offer and get access to the demo version.


Legimi Watermark is used by the biggest e-content distributors in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Portugal. Some of them are: