is an innovative technological company. Our mission is to deliver best solutions for the eBook market.

Our goal is to improve access to books and enable their reading in an intuitive and comfortable way.

Legimi is a right choice

  • Our strengths
  • We've been working with eBooks since the beginning of the industry.
  • We run our own bookstore so we know how to earn money on eBooks.
  • We develop our technology faster than others – as the first company in Poland we introduced “cloud reading”, an ebookstore on an e-reader, as well as EPUB magazines.
  • We have a few important implementations in Poland.


The story of Legimi began in 2007, when the founders of the future company, Mikołaj Małaczyński and Mateusz Frukacz, initiated elaboration of first designs of the system. Dynamically developing project attracted an investor, who bought part of the shares in the company, which was registered in January 2009.

Legimi also received an EU subsidy for outstanding IT companies.


The name Legimi comes from esperanto (legi – read, mi – I; "I read"). It is a neutral, international language. The idea was to create a universal communication tool in spite of all differences. Our company uses similar philosophy. Our aim is to develop software which enables comfortable reading on all types of devices.