Mobile apps

We develop mobile reading apps.

apps for tablets apps for smartphones

Number of tablets and smartphones is increasing every year. We are confident that it is worth to be prepared and use them as an opportunity to reach new readers. What’s important, we are able to prepare our products at competitive prices.

Legimi mobile apps allow for:

Legimi apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone will be adopted to customer needs and graphically adjusted. It may be a very good marketing tool showing the modern face of your company.

  • Features
  • EPUB files reading,
  • in-app purchases,
  • cloud reading – a user who has two devices (eg. a smartphone and a tablet) always starts reading from the point where they had stopped before
  • bookshelves magagement,
  • bookmarks and quotations management,
  • font style adjustment and text alignment,
  • night mode and brightness adjustment,
  • screen orientation locking (vertically or horizontally),
  • reading statistics,
  • listening to audiobooks.


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