EPUB and MOBI conversion
Legimi offers EPUB and MOBI conversion service from PDF, INDD and DOC/DOCX file formats. We have a team that is able to convert several hundred standard book titles per week.

Differences between PDF and EPUB

PDF file due to its fixed structure is a perfect format for printing or reading on large displays. For smaller screens, there are problems with a proper display of its content though.

There is no pagination in EPUB file. Text layout is adjusted to the size of display and changed accordingly to the font size and graphics included.

Therefore, EPUB became an official standard for eBooks.

High quality composition

Prepared by us EPUB files:

  • 1 look like a paper book, which makes reading more comfortable,
  • 2 are checked on various browsers and devices, eg. Adobe Digital Editions and iPad,
  • 3 contain hyperlinks that allow for easy navigation between table of contents or footnotes and the text,
  • 4 allow enjoying clear images and tables,
  • 5 display national characters due to the embedded fonts,
  • 6 are compatible with the IDPF standard and are validated with the ePubCheck tool.

Conversion takes place in a number of steps:

  1. 1 a customer uploads a selection of books in INDD, DOC/DOCX or PDF format to the secure Legimi server,
  2. 2 working copies are generated from the source EPUB files,
  3. 3 errors are corrected, and styles and formatting added using our proprietary technology,
  4. 4 every book is checked page after page and adjusted to the customer needs,
  5. 5 during postproduction fonts are embedded, metadata is checked and book samples are created,
  6. 6 the newly converted EPUB file is received and accepted by the customer.

Our offer

Please consult the detailed price list (PDF)

If you're interested in our offer, would like to have a free test conversion performed, or have a custom request (eg. conversion to other formats, multimedia or non-book publications), don't hesitate to contact us.


Prices can be negotiated when large orders are placed and for publishers who sell their books at Legimi.com.


We've supplied our EPUB conversion technology to the following publishers and distributors:

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