Now: Over 78,000 e-books and approximately 1,700 audio books in the Legmi subscription model

Legimi’s subscription model gives readers access to over 78,000 e-books and, starting now, approximately 1,700 audio books. The price for a subscription starts at € 4.99 per month.

The e-book provider offers readers a high level of flexibility. For instance, subscribers can choose between all standard formats at no extra cost and read e-books from a range of devices, including smartphones and tablets. Smart “Books in the Cloud” technology makes this flexible access possible by synchronizing virtual libraries.

An additional advantage offered by Legimi is that all e-books downloaded from their site can be heard as well as read. In cases where no audio book is available for a title, Legimi makes the listening experience possible with text-to-speech technology. In this way, a story that was enjoyed on a commute can be seamlessly continued via headphones after exiting a train.

Along with the subscription model, readers can choose from a wide selection in Legimi’s e-book shop. At the present time, there are over 220,000 e-books and 25,000 audio books on offer.

Many large publishing houses including Perry Rhodan digital, Jazzybee, Kohlhammer, Emmons, SAGA Egmont and Bastei Lübbe have already made their titles available in Legimi’s subscription model.

About Legimi 

Legimi has been active in the German book market since 2016. Legimi (Esperanto for “I read”) was founded to make it easy and enjoyable to read e-books on every type of device. Legimi offers e-books and audio books in a subscription model in different price ranges as well as the à la carte purchase of individual titles on. In Poland, where Mikołaj Małaczyński and Mateusz Frukacz founded the company in January 2009, Legimi has grown into a market leader. Legimi plans to launch in the Chinese market this year.