On 11 – 12th October Legimi had the pleasure to participate in the next edition of the Tolls of Change conference and a day later at the world's largest Book Fair in Frankfurt.

The Board of Legimi, Mikołaj Małaczyński and Mateusz Frukacz, was one of the speakers in the conference, which gets together representatives of all major eBooks companies from all over the world. During 45-minutes-presentation they showed the concept of Cloud reading. The leading idea that an eBook can not be treated as a file, but as a number of facilities creating a "reading experience", aroused interest so much that the reference to it was made in several other presentations.

On Wednesday Legimi was guest to Frankfurt’s Book Fair. There were many interesting conversations which, like every year, let us “think big”. Legimi also met Polish friends which is always very nice. They looked for inspiration abroad, too.

We will change observation from the conference and the fair into better reading experience for our customers.

You are welcome to watch an interesting interview with Mateusz Frukacz for German magazine Buchreport.