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E-Book Provider Legimi presents a vastly expanded offering and introduces audio books

Now: Over 78,000 e-books and approximately 1,700 audio books in the Legmi subscription model

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Małaczyński, 9/14/2016

Legimi und Libreka kooperieren

Posen/Frankfurt am Main – Der polnische E-Book-und Audio-Book-Anbieter Legimi expandiert im Herbst nach Deutschland und wird exklusiv über Libreka E-Books Endkunden zum Einzelverkauf und in einem Abo-Modell zur Verfügung stellen. Dank der Kooperation mit Libreka können Legimi-Kunden von Beginn an auf mehrere Hundert Tausend E-Books zugreifen.

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Małaczyński, 8/20/2016

Legimi at Shanghai and Beijing Book Fair and Top 50 Publishers Forum in Beijing

Our Representatives Teresa Wlochynska VP Head of International Content (Legimi International Sp. z o.o.) and Ewa Welter Expansion Manager (Legimi International Sp. z o.o.) take part in the International Book Fair in China. 

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Małaczyński, 5/10/2016

Legimi at Book Expo America - IDPF DigiCon

The ebook subscription model has been met with hurdles in the US market. However, outside of the US market, companies are meeting with success with this new business model. Join in the discussion as examples from companies operating across Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Poland, the session will explore why subscription models for ebook and audiobooks are thriving in Europe and how they are an essential new revenue source for both local language and English-language publishers in these key foreign markets

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Małaczyński, 4/25/2016

Let's meet at Publishers' Forum Berlin!

Our representatives are going to attend Publishers' Forum in Berlin. Let's meet there during ROUND TABLE 5: RE-THINKING E-BOOK SALES & UNDERSTANDING THE CONSUMERS.

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Małaczyński, 10/1/2015

Legimi at Frankfurt Book Fair

Legimi creates award-winning mobile apps and websites for publishers using latest Microsoft technologies. We also specialise in copyright protection of ebooks and audiobooks with use of our proprietary watermarking solution.


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Małaczyński, 1/1/2013

Legimi seen on TechCrunch

Legimi Wants To Be The ‘Spotify For Ebooks’ With A Business Model That Relies On You Reading Less

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Legimi at The Frankfurt Book Fair

On 11 – 12th October Legimi had the pleasure to participate in the next edition of the Tolls of Change conference and a day later at the world's largest Book Fair in Frankfurt.

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Legimi at Tech Crunch Disrupt

We will showcase our technology at Tech Crunch Disrupt in San Francisco on 12th of September, 2011.

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Legimi at TOCCON 2011 in New York

Legimi has qualified to the O'Reilly Tools of change for publishing Startup Showcase.

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Let's meet at CES 2011

This year we will be available at CES in Las Vegas. If you were interested in meeting with our representative and co-founder, Mateusz Frukacz, please contact us with a contact form.

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Start making money with e-books - presentation for publishers

The Warsaw Book Fair will be held for the first time in the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw on 13–16 May 2010. We invite you to attend our presentation on 14 May, 15:00 in Mickiewicz Hall, when our content store will be presented for the first time for publishers. The meeting will be led by the CEO of Legimi, Mikołaj Małaczyński.

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NewsBox at TOCCON 2010 in New York

An idea of the NewsBox application, which gives access to current newspaper and Internet articles, will be presented on 25 February at the Tools of Change 2010 in New York. Our technology attracted the organizing committee under the auspices of Tim O'Reilly because of its openness and possibility of secure distribution of both books and periodicals. Newsbox is a step towards an intelligent, personalized newspaper in which articles are chosen based on the user preferences by the artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Legimi used during Synkreo workshops

The Legimi content delivery system for e-readers was used during the Synkreo workshops – synergy and business creation, aimed at those preparing to launch their own e-business. Twenty participants received educational materials wirelessly on their e-readers on the teacher’s request during the meeting. This was the first workshop in Poland, using the e-readers as a tool to support mobile learning.

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Invitation to Krakow Book Fair

We would like to invite you to visit our booth no. B18 during Krakow Book Fair, which will take place on 5-8.11. At the seminar held on Friday, 6.11 at 4 pm in the room no. 1, for the first time we will present the possibilities of the Legimi platform for readers and publishers.

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Video coverage of TechShow

Thank you very much to those of you whom we managed to talk with during the second TechShow conference (May 12) at the Sheraton Hotel, Poznan. We invite you to watch a short video coverage of the meeting.

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Legimi presentation at TechShow conference

It is our privilege to invite you to attend the second TechShow conference, a meeting of technology professionals and enthusiasts that takes place on May 12 at The Sheraton Hotel, Poznan, Poland. For the first time, the representatives of Legimi are going to present the proprietary technology of content providing to e-readers.

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